负担得起的房屋维修. 改变生活的升级.

Our professional and experienced carpenter crews have made 超过800个家庭维修 整个地区的. In the counties we serve in East 肯塔基州 (Breathitt, 诺特, 莱斯利佩里), 许多房屋正在老化, in need of updated sources of heating and cooling, and/or are not safe and accessible for those who live there. 我们通过房屋维修和房屋修复来解决这些问题,为房主提供一个负担得起的价格. 

我们计划帮助 低收入房主 in our area receive home-improving – and often, 改善生活——没有我们的帮助,他们很难完成或负担得起的维修工作. 我们帮助过的许多房主都是老人、残疾人、独居者或退伍军人. 

If you qualify for our program ...

We help you get the money to finance the repairs, and then, we do the work!


After submitting the online 开始 and/or the 回家修理 Intake form, 请耐心等待我们的家庭维修计划的工作人员评估您的申请,并准备与您联系.


无论是室内还是室外,我们的木匠可能会为您的家庭做一些需要的改进. 不管你的家是木屋还是拖车房,我们的工作人员都会为符合资格的房主进行维修. 无论你是想在家里舒舒服服地老去,还是想让它变得更好, healthier space for you and your family, HDA在这里以适合你的成本为你做家庭维修!



我们的工作人员执行房屋修复,需要两个或更多的主要项目, involving repairs such as roof replacement, 浴室的修改, and installing new doors and windows. 



We improve homes by replacing roofs, installing new flooring and siding, replacing windows and doors, repairing 门廊 and steps, 使管道维修, and upgrading electrical systems.


HDA的木匠通过建造轮椅坡道,让你的家更安全, 门廊, 不断扩大的门口, 安装扶手, and modifying kitchens and bathrooms.


我们的项目使用多种来源的资金,每个来源都有自己的一套指导方针和要求. 我们的大多数客户都接受贷款和补助金相结合的方式来为他们的房屋维修提供资金.


家必须是 业主自住的. 这意味着我们不能帮助人们修理要搬进去的房子,也不能帮助他们搭建移动房屋. 家必须是 yours, and you must live in it.



我们会计算你的年收入,看看你可以从哪些资金来源获得收入. 没有最低收入限制,但每个项目都有一个基于家庭规模的最高收入限制. These limits increase periodically. 我们目前正在试行一项针对家庭的“开放市场”维修计划,该计划超出了我们所有“基于收入”的计划的指导方针.

The Housing Development Alliance administers a variety of repair programs, each with different income eligibility requirements.

Each household will need to have some income that can be verified. (收入 could be as low as $256 per month, or even lower – it just has to be verified that it is being received.)


  • 1 to 4 Person Household – $3,291 per month
  • 5 to 8 Person Household – $4,375 per month
  • Both programs can lend up to $7,500 before a mortgage is required.

Along with income requirements, there are additional eligibility requirements for HDA’s 房屋维修项目. 此外,我们的一些项目甚至提供扣减,可以帮助你成为合格的! 如你的入息已接近限额,请与我们联络,以讨论有关扣除事宜.


我们的一些项目会查看一个家庭已经在其他信用额度中支付了多少钱. *This is only for loan options. This is done mainly to protect the client from future financial stress.


Each loan source has its own requirements. None of them require "perfect" credit, 但可能要求客户在申请前支付托收或冲销. 与我们合作 Redbud Financial Alternatives 提供理财咨询等产品,帮助客户获得资格. It often takes both loans and grants to complete all of the repairs.


每个项目对他们将资助的维修项目有不同的要求. Some programs will only fund emergency or accessibility repairs. 也, 一些程序要求家庭必须达到一定的标准,以完成任何工作.

See The Difference Our Work Makes



I had a great experience working with the Housing Development Alliance. 不像其他地方会因为你寻求帮助而让你感觉不好或看不起你,HDA是欢迎的. They truly wanted to help me. 他们鼓励我填写申请表,并努力帮助我支付修理费. Without HDA I'm not sure I could have ever had all of this work done. I'm very grateful for their help.
They almost had me in tears! It was one of the most pleasant experiences I’ve ever had, 所有的成年人和年轻人都来这里连续五周. (With everything I’ve been through over the last several years), my doctors started asking me if I ever think about (just giving up). 我有时确实会沮丧, but I’m here today; and because of the repairs made to my home, I haven’t missed one dialysis appointment yet!
家修复客户端 (Veteran)

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