Other Ways to Give

The Housing Development Alliance (HDA) has always been fortunate to have faithful and generous funders and donors who support the affordable housing goals and initiatives set forth by its founders, board of directors, and executive director. As a nonprofit affordable housing developer, every dollar given is extremely important and very much appreciated.

You may like to know that 92% of our annual budget goes directly towards providing affordable housing programs and services to low-income Appalachian families in need. Less than 6% is used for administration costs, and only around 2% is used for fundraising purposes.

Traditionally, the most common way to give to HDA is by making a cash gift or gift by check or money order that you’d send to us through postal mail. Mail your donation to Housing Development Alliance, Inc., P.O. Box 7284, Hazard, KY 41702.

Cash Gifts

A gift drawn on a personal check is the way most people give to HDA. Checks should be made payable to the Housing Development Alliance. The postmark date is considered the gift date for gifts of cash mailed to HDA. Legal or “hard credit” for the gift will be given only to the entity controlling the asset at the time of transfer, usually the owner of the account. The official Housing Development Alliance receipt will be issued to that entity.

Gifts made in foreign currencies will be valued at the U.S. dollar amount and will be counted on the date received. Conversion will be made as soon after receipt of the currency as possible.

T在这里 are additional ways to give to HDA:

Stocks, bonds, and other appreciated securities can be donated and are certainly welcome at HDA! In order to facilitate proper crediting of the donor’s gift, it will be helpful to notify the Director of Development & Communications of the donor’s name and address, stock symbol, date of transfer, and number of shares being transferred. Contact either Mindy Miller at mindy@vne.top5deals.net or Executive Director Scott McReynolds at scott@vne.top5deals.net, or call .

It is HDA’s policy to accept gifts of real estate, provided the gift has a clear potential for contributing to the overall purpose and mission of the Alliance and/or can be successfully liquidated in a reasonable time period. Prior to acceptance, the Alliance will evaluate the real estate through a process designed to identify any potential risks. Please be sure to contact Executive Director Scott McReynolds at scott@vne.top5deals.net or COO Chris Doll at chris@vne.top5deals.net, or by calling , if you are interested in donating real estate.

Other non-cash gifts such as equipment, vehicles, or other tangible property can be donated. An appraisal prepared by an independent party is required before we can place a dollar value on such gifts. Find out more about Gifts In-Kind 在这里.

During HDA’s annual events – Repair Affair and Community House Raising – we offer special opportunities for individuals, groups, and businesses to get involved with the action by purchasing sponsorships. These event sponsorships have different levels with varying “perks” for the donor/sponsor. If you’d like more information about this giving opportunity, email mindy@vne.top5deals.net

Find out more about our events 在这里

Questions? Need Assistance? Contact:

Mindy Miller, Director of Development & Communications
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